Do you wish to sell your property?

When you decide to sell property, it is an important moment in which our estate agents are happy to help you.


We are happy to meet you at the property to be sold or at our office to explain our approach without any obligation. You can then also ask all your questions.

Determining a sales price in line with the market

When determining the price, we draw on our years of experience and knowledge to determine the most realistic sales price possible based on the elements that are important for this purpose.

Determining the sales formula

Sometimes there are different ways to sell your property. We would be happy to explain the options available to you and what the common methods and procedures are.

Compiling a sales dossier

We will guide you through the administration involved when you decide to sell your property. 

Property photos and marketing plan

We provide you with the best possible photos of your property, an online marketing plan as well as a signboard so that buyers have a clear idea of what exactly is for sale


If you wish, we can accompany prospective buyers during visiting days or at separate times that we agree with you.

Negotiations and offer

If an offer is made, we will immediately discuss it with you. You can then decide whether to accept this offer or let us negotiate further.

The sales agreement

Because our estate agents have compiled a good sales dossier, the compromise can be drawn up quickly in collaboration with the notary.



Good news! Your property has been sold! Cheers to that!

Feel free to contact us via our contact form.